Water Truck Rentals

West Chester Machinery offers Water Trucks Rentals for NJ, PA, NY, CT, DE Construction and Mining Worksites. 

Competitive rates available for water truck rentals.

Find the right Water Truck Rentals best for your needs at West Chester Machinery.

Our water trucks are ideal for controlling dust on construction and mining sites, as well as for cleaning, fire-prevention, landscape, and agricultural watering.

Whether a contractor, mining or aggregate producer, you cannot continue to work or start on a job worksite until the dust is suppressed.

Water Truck Rentals Features include:

  • Back-up camera
  • In-cab controls
  • 2 or more spray heads
  • Ground level tank fill pipe
  • Additional options are available

Tank Capacity:

Our water truck vehicles range from 2000 to 4000 gallons on-road trucks, as well as 5000 gallons off-road articulating trucks. West Chester Machinery builds custom dust control trucks as large as 20,000 gallons for larger off-road applications.

water trucks rentals are excellent for controlling dust on construction and mining sites, as well as for cleaning, fire-prevention, landscape, and agricultural watering
Water truck rentals are ideal for controlling dust on construction and mining sites, as well as for cleaning, fire-prevention, landscape, and agricultural watering

For more information about our water truck rentals contact PAUL ZANELLI at 908-432-9961 or Email to paul@westchestermachinery.com.

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Water Truck Rentals Tips for Dust Control at Construction Sites

It is your responsibility as a citizen to take every possible measure that ensures that work is carried out in an environment-friendly way at your construction site. These are a few tips that will help you fulfill your purpose in the most effective way possible –

  • Watering Construction Sites – One of the most effective ways to control dust at construction sites is to use the services of a water truck in order to dampen the haul roads. The reason why water is one of the most widely used alternatives for dust control at construction sites is the fact that it gives great end results at cost effective prices. Although, the number of times you will be required to use on-site water spraying solutions in a day will completely depend on the atmosphere and weather conditions of your construction site. Lastly, one thing that you need to be very careful about using water is to avoid excess application on site so that there is no risk of erosion on your construction site.
  • Use Barriers – Another method that can help with dust control at construction sites is using barriers like a board fence, wind fence, snow fence, crate walls, bales of hay or a sediment fence. Barriers like board and wind fence can play a huge role in controlling air currents at the construction site that mainly cause to blow the soil. Generally, such barriers are made of wood that not just prevent the soil from blowing off site, but also help in preventing any chances of erosion on the ground. In order to make an effective use of these barriers for dust control at construction sites, you need to make sure to place them at the right angles in the first place.

Restrict Access Points

One of the leading reasons that causes dust to be generated from construction sites is excessive vehicle movement.  One of the most effective ways to make it possible to restrict on site vehicle movement for dust control is to restrict access points and create paved or stoned parking areas to limit the areas where the vehicles can create dust.

  • Cover storage materials –In order to effectively control dust on construction sites, you also need to make sure that your storage materials are properly and tightly covered, especially when the material is being carried on trucks.
  • Limit Activities that Induce Dust during High Winds – Another thing you need to keep in mind for dust control at construction sites is to restrict earthmoving activities during high wind conditions, as continuing with tasks that induce dust during high winds will only accelerate problems for those present at the site.
  • Other Methods – Apart from all the above mentioned dust control solutions at construction site, you can also use a number of other methods to achieve effective end results. Some of these methods include, applying mulch to exposed soil, using tarps to cover piles of stock, as well as sweeping and vacuuming paved surfaces to get rid of tracked soil at the construction site.

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