About SmartSpray™ technology

The new Klein SmartSpray™ technology introduced on 6500 Gallon Western Star 4900XD and 9000 Gallon Western Star 6900XD water trucks offers extraordinary water control solutions that result in a high performance for your dust control needs at construction sites” said Jim Gordon, President, West Chester Machinery, Flanders NJ.

The best thing about the SmartSpray™ technology is the hydraulic driven water pump that helps you with maximum control for water trucks. This means that the SmartSpray™ technology allows you operate water pumps at any rate, irrespective of your water truck speed on the ground, and that too without compromising on your safety.

SmartSpray™ saves more than 30% water consumption

In comparison to most other technologies, the SmartSpray™ technology can save you more than 30% of water usage, making it one of the most innovative and highly desirable water truck solutions used for dust control purposes all over the world. On the whole, the new Klein SmartSpray™ technology introduced on both 6500 Gallon Western Star 4900XD and 9000 Gallon Western Star 6900XD water trucks helps increase the life of the water truck, while reducing the overall cost of operation in the long run, saving you massive maintenance costs with guaranteed value for money experience.


Western Star 4900XD and Western Star 6900XD Off-road Chassis:

  • Low profile, patented “Trapezoid” tank design constructed of heavy gauge steel.
  • Flanged tank heads for superior tank construction and durability.
  • Precision flow control baffling and load stabilization system
  • Pipe tank stiffener for added strength.
  • Heavy-duty off-road highway style tank subframe shall be constructed of structural steel tube reinforced with cross members and outriggers.
  • Double-plated tank bottom at sub-frame tank skin intersection.
  • Rear access ladder, heavy duty design w/non-slip rungs.
  • 30” round manhole.
  • Tank skins and tank heads welded 100% inside and outside of tank assembly.
  • 2” tank drain with plug.
  • Exterior of tank assembly sandblasted, cleaned, primed and painted cat yellow.
  • 4” hydrant fill line with legal air gap.
  • LED Lighting group, marker, stop, turn and I.D. wire loom included.
  • Flexible, heavy duty mounting hardware includes springs, GD 8 hardware, brackets and 1” x 3” 8 duro body mount cushion.
  • Full width heavy duty rear bumper with recessed LED lighting.


  • Klein KP4H 1200 GPM centrifugal pump. Hydraulic driven with close coupled hydraulic motor. System includes oil reservoir, return line oil filter, high pressure oil filter, pressure relief valve. Pump shall be oil lubricated and include mechanical seal not packing gland.
  • Inlet pipe includes anti-vortex cross and trash screen. Installed with flexible or Dresser-type coupling insuring easy pump maintenance.
  • Pressure manifold installed using flexible or Dresser-type coupling insuring easy pump maintenance.


  • Rear spray bar shall include three (3) fully adjustable spray heads with individual cab controls.
  • Front spray bar shall include two (2) street flusher spray heads, infinity swivels, with individual cab controls.
  • Driver side & passenger side spray with Klein side jet spray heads and in-cab controls.
  • Control station console pedestal mounted in cab.


  • Bumper mounted remote 2.5” EXM electric water cannon with adjustable nozzle.
  • Electric hose reel with 1.5” x 50’ hose & fire nozzle.
  • Low point drains for cold weather.
  • 100% interior coated with KleinFlex Elastomeric Urethane.
  • Water level gauge in operator compartment.
  • Unit to have SmartSpray™ system for pump operation.

In Stock:  The Western Star 4900XD and Western Star 6900XD Water Trucks are Available Now at West Chester Machinery

At West Chester Machinery, you can find the best-in-class and high-performance Western Star 6900XD and Western Star 4900XD water trucks with SmartSpray™ technology for dust control activities.

We sell the highest quality dust control water trucks Internationally and rent them locally in New Jersey, PA, NY, CT, RI, DE, MD.

For more information call (973) 347-1101 or visit our dust control water trucks web page at https://westchestermachinery.com/dust-control-water-trucks/. 

Western Star 6900XD Dust Control Water Truck

Western Star 6900XD Dust Control Water Truck

Western Star 4900XD Dust Control Water Truck

Western Star 4900XD Dust Control Water Truck


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