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We pride ourselves on meeting the needs and wants of our water truck customers. Whether you need a rental truck for a current project or are ready to invest in a custom-built truck you are in the right place.
Our staff has the experience and knowledge to get you the proper truck for your rental needs or help you in the right direction for a custom build. Our customers range from smaller contractors to large construction and mining corporations.
We can build you a water truck from as small as 2,000 gallons and as large as 20,000 gallons for larger off-road applications.
Water Spreader Trucks – Sales, Rentals, Service, Parts, and Repairs in the North East – NJ, PA, NY, CT, DE, and for sale internationally.
We rent and sell the highest quality Water Trucks Internationally and rent them locally in New Jersey, PA, NY, CT, RI, DE, MD.

Our water truck rental fleet is one of the largest privately owned in North America.

Our sales inventory is also our rental inventory, because of that, you can be sure that the truck you purchase has been tested on a job site to be functional and void of any major mechanical problems before we sell it to you. If the vehicle you are interested in purchasing is out being rented we can replace it with another vehicle for that customer so that you may still purchase it. We sell trucks all over the world and can arrange delivery of them.

Dust Control Water Trucks

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Western Star 4900XD and 6900XD Water Tank Trucks with SmartSpray Technology

New Brochure on Western Star 4900XD and 6900XD Water Tank Trucks with SmartSpray Technology

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Call 973-347-1101.
Klein Manufacturing of California

Klein Manufacturing Water Trucks

We represent Klein Manufacturing of California as an authorized dealer for new tanks and parts. We are also a distributor for other water truck-related parts as well.
If you have an existing water truck that requires parts or repairs, our service team is ready to help you get back to work. Our large parts selection includes pumps, valves and spray heads; and our highly skilled technicians will make sure it is done right the first time.
It is this combination of qualified staff, experience in the industry, and personalized attention that makes West Chester Machinery your best source for water trucks.

Please click the following link to see our parts and service page for details – Water Truck Parts and Service >

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Western Star 4900 XD 6500 Gallon Water Truck with Klein SmartSpray™ Technology –

The Western Star 4900 XD 6500 Gallon Water Truck is built with Klein SmartSpray™ Technology. Klein SmartSpray saves more than 30% water usage, and with lower maintenance costs. For more details and spec sheet please call (973) 347-1101.

Dust Control Water Trucks Blog Posts

Dust control is a matter of concern, as it is something that affects the health of people working and living around your construction site area

Tips for Dust Control at Construction Sites

Dust control is a matter of concern, it is something that affects the health of people working and living around your construction site. Call 973 347-1101

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