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Western Wide-Out Snowplow

Two independently controlled wings extend from 8 feet to 10 feet wide

Wide-Out XL Snowplow by Western.

Wide Out

Wide-Out Product Features: 12-Gauge Steel Moldboard

The 12-gauge steel moldboard is 29 inches high, and with independently controlled wings, the WIDE-OUT extends from 8 feet to 10 feet wide. With both wings angled forward, you get the carrying capacity of a full 9-foot scoop.

The Wide-Out Snowplow ULTRAFINISH™ baked-on powder-coat finish provides the best protection against wear and rust in the industry.

Wide-Out Wing Positions

Built For Strength, and Tough Jobs

Six vertical ribs and a dual power bar design provide exceptional torsional strength. The wings slide laterally across a structurally reinforced slide box, which further enhances blade strength, so there’s no blade twisting or bending, even under the heaviest loads.

Efficient Design

The 70-degree attack angle provides a cleaner scrape with every pass, and the 17-inch curl radius gives you maximum snow rolling efficiency.


Wide-Out Has Intuitive Controls

Choose between the CabCommand hand-held control option or joystick control. At the touch of a button, you can move the wings in or out, and angle them either simultaneously or separately.

CabCommand Control Option

Joystick Control Option

Isolation Module

Reliable Hydraulics

WESTERN manufactures all hydraulic components, to assure the highest quality and reliability standards are met. WIDE-OUT’s hydraulic system provides ultra-fast response and reliable power. All critical electrical and hydraulic components are protected from the elements by the poly cover. So you get a hydraulics system that not only maximizes snowplowing efficiency but one that’s built to last season after season.

Trip Blade Protection

Four trip return springs help protect your plow and truck by allowing the blade to trip forward when striking an obstacle. The heavy-duty polyurethane cutting edges on the wings also protect the blade, allowing it to trip in any position. With a poly edge, when the blade is in a scoop position, the poly edges allow the blade to trip easily (versus a steel edge), reducing the amount of snow lost during a trip event.

NightHawk Headlamps

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