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Construction Supplies.

West Chester also stocks a variety of construction supplies to create your one stop shopping destination!

Come see our wide selection in our showroom or give us a call to discuss how we can supply you with all your construction needs!

HDPE/N12 Corrugated Double Wall Pipe

 Pipes & Fittings

We offer a wide assortment of pipes and fittings to meet an array of construction needs. All of our pipe is top quality and comes bell ended to eliminate the need for coupling. The following is a current list of our offerings of pipes by order of strength, if you have any questions however- give us a call.

  • HDPE/N12 Corrugated Double Wall Pipe: Exceptionally strong pipe, comparable in strength to RCP Concrete Pipes. Available in sizes from 4” to 24” in stock, other sizes can be special ordered upon request
  • Schedule 40: Available in sizes 1.5”-6” in stock, other sizes can be special ordered upon request.
  • SDR35: Available in sizes 4”, 6” and 8”, other sizes can be special ordered upon request
  • Schedule 20 (Sewer & Drain Pipe): Available in 4” & 6” only
  • Corrugated Flexible Pipe: Available in sizes 3”, 4” and 6” in stock.
  • Fittings for many types of pipes available either up to 12” in stock or by special order.
Plastic Drainage Pipes – What Are the Different Types and Strengths?

Plastic Drainage Pipes – What Are the Different Types and Strengths?

There are many different types and grades (strengths) of the pipe. Some of the more common types associated with outdoor landscaping are detailed here  –  Click to read »

Seal Coating

West Chester is a proud distributor of SealMaster products, known worldwide as the industry leader in pavement products and sealant. Our SealMaster product offerings include:

SealMaster Coal Tar Pavement Sealer

Pavement Sealer

  • We stock SealMaster Coal Tar Pavement Sealer which has been proven durable in wear and tear as well as being oil and fuel resistant to prolong the life of your surfaces

SealMaster Coal Tar Pavement Sealer

Pavement Sealer Additives

We also stock an assortment of additives to enhance your pavement sealers, including:

  • Top Tuff: A film toughener for pavement sealers that improves surface toughness as well as anchoring in sand for extended wear
  • Fass-Dri: Result of Nano-Cure chemistry that allows you to open up a parking lot to traffic in as little as 30 minutes.
  • FSA: Speeds up the drying time of sealers and is ideal for spring & fall applications in high traffic areas


SealMaster Pourable Crack Filler


Crack Fillers

West Chester also stocks several crack filler products, also with the proven name of SealMaster behind them. Currently we carry:

  • Pourable Crack Sealant: Economical cold pour crack filler, rubberized for additional durability. Available in 1 gallon bottle & 5 gallon pails.
  • Gator Pave Crack Filler: Ready to use paving material for cracked and alligatored pavement areas. Applied cold, no heat required it is also easy to apply with squeegee or trowel. Available in 5 gallon pail.
  • Crack Master Supreme: The finest in hot applied crack filling material, it is designed for use in both direct fire and oil jacketed kettles. Available in 50lb box.

Squeegees including V-shape as well as replacement rubber

Tools and Accessories

We also carry a selection of tools and accessories that once again makes West Chester your one stop shop for every job.

  • Squeegees: including V-shape as well as replacement rubber
  • Brooms
  • Spray Tips

West Chester is one of the area’s largest geotextiles suppliers and we proudly stock the following products:

Filter Fabric fence


Filter Fabric: 

We stock filter fabric in 4 oz weight which has been proven to be more reliable in durability for light to moderate jobs.

  • All rolls are 360 linear feet
  • We offer 3 widths: 3’, 6.25’ and 12.5’ rolls

Orange Plastic Mesh Barrier Fence


Orange Fence:

  • 4’ tall x 100’ long
  • Also offer reusable heavy duty stakes to secure fencing at the site

Silt Fence: 

  • West Chester is the local retailer for “Morris County Conservation” silt fence. The county requires a specific silt fence for dirt projects.
  • New Jersey Conservation Silt Fence: Comes as a 98’ roll with 2″ x 2″ stakes which are 8’ on center.  Includes a wind tension washer.

construction stabilization fabric


Stabilization  Fabric:

A woven geotextiles placed between the aggregate and the subgrade to stabilize the soil, preserve the aggregate and reinforce the surrounding soil. They will also keep mud below the rock from “pumping” up and help keep cleanup to a minimum.

  • US 200: 4 ounce
  • US 315: 6 ounce

Erosion Control Blanket

Erosion Control Blanket:

Biodegradable erosion control blankets are made of organic biodegradable materials and provide effective, all natural erosion control and vegetation establishment. They consist of an evenly distributed layer of agricultural straw stitched with degradable thread to a single lightweight polypropylene netting structure.

Drainage Products

Drainage Products:

West Chester is also your source for drainage needs with an assortment of options available.


  • 12” Square, 18” Square, 24” Square Concrete Drain Basins
  • Heavy Duty Concrete Trench Drains
  • All of the above are available with cast iron grating and knockout sides to fit various sizes of pipe

Plastic Drainage

  • 9″ square, 12″ square, 18″ square drain basins
  • Trench drains in various sizes for all types of applications
  • Drywells

NDS Drainage Products

We stock the NDS brand of plastic drainage products. 

If you would like to browse some of NDS’s products click on the images below.  We stock the most popular items and we can order any special items that you may have a need for.

NDS drainage catalog

NDS Product Catalog

We put water in its place.

  • Residential Stormwater Management
  • Commercial Stormwater Management
  • Professional Irrigation
  • Flow Management
NDS flo well brochure 1

Manufactured Dry Well

LEED credits:

  • Make your site green
  • Retains storm water on-site
  • Less costly to install than pipe or concrete
  • Expands to manage large volumes of water

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