Interesting Uses of HDPE/N-12 Corrugated Dual Wall Pipe

Interesting Uses of HDPE/N-12 Corrugated Dual Wall Pipe

The Many Uses & Unique Characteristics of HDPE/N-12 Corrugated Dual Wall Pipe

(West Chester Machinery, Flanders NJ) – HDPE (High-density polyethylene) is a very versatile material. It has ideal characteristics for use in water flow management in underground structures. HDPE corrugated pipe is relatively lightweight which allows for easier and less costly transportation and installation costs.

Relaxes Under Stress and Has Ideal Properties for Water Handling.

HDPE is not brittle and therefore not susceptible to cracking during pipe handling and installation. HDPE Pipe has a smooth interior surface, which is resistant to abrasion, corrosion and chemical scouring.

Pipe-of-Choice for Many Storm Water Applications

The smooth interior surface provides excellent pipeline flow characteristics which are perfect for sustainable solutions for stormwater runoff.  HDPE pipe is structurally strong and has the ability to support large loads such as highway traffic when installed properly.

HDPE/N 12 Corrugated Dual Wall Pipe Is Often Used for Sub-Drainage Systems

Often, HDPE/ N-12 Corrugated Dual Wall Pipe is used for sub-drainage systems to lower the groundwater table.  HDPE/ N-12 pipe are also are used to control and direct underground water transport and to encourage proper surface water percolation in golf courses, athletic fields, hillside development projects and in agricultural fields.

Other uses of HDPE/N-12 Corrugated Dual Wall Pipe:

(1) Sanitary Sewers – HDPE pipe is an ideal septic system leach pipeline material.

(2) Leachate Collection
 – The mining industry has a special application of sub-drainage called heap leaching which is used to recover low-grade deposits of copper, gold, and silver.

(3) Detention/Retention Storm Water Management Systems
 – helps limit the rate of stormwater runoff as well as the level of pollutants.

(4) HDPE Roof Leader and Landscape Area Drainage
 – Residential, industrial and commercial buildings all have demand for roof leader and landscape area drainage facilities and landscape area drainage facilities.

(5) Ventilation Systems 
– Perforated corrugated HDPE pipe also has become the product of choice for ventilation systems in the bottom of grain storage bins and under a filter media to remove contaminant particles.

(6) Earth Cooling Tubes – HDPE Pipe is also used as an alternative to conventional air conditioning by moving warm air through cool earth to achieve a cooling effect.

(7) Floating Systems
 – HDPE is resistant to corrosion and chemical attack. These properties, along with its relatively lightweight, has allowed it to be used as a holding vessel for floats. A common use of these HDPE Pipe floats is as pontoons for floating boat docks.

(8) Relining of Failed Pipes with Corrugated HDPE
 – Corrugated HDPE pipe can be used as a structural insert inside failing culverts, storm drains or sewers made of corrugated metal or concrete.

(9) Aeration in Sewer Sludge Composting
 – Perforated corrugated polyethylene pipe is an integral component when composting sewer sludge. The perforations allow controlled aeration of the sludge.


HDPE/N 12 Corrugated Dual Wall Pipe is sold and in stock at West Chester Machinery.

HDPE/ n-12 Corrugated Dual Wall Pipe is always stocked at West Chester Machinery in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, and 24 inch diameters. Other sizes are available upon request. Call (973) 347-1101 for full details.


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HDPE/N12 Corrugated Double Wall Pipe

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  • HDPE/N12 Corrugated Double Wall Pipe: Exceptionally strong pipe, comparable in strength to RCP Concrete Pipes. Available in sizes from 4” to 24” in stock, other sizes can be special ordered upon request
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