First in Class Snowplow by Western

The WESTERN® PRODIGY™ multi-position wing snow plow provides all the benefits of a winged snow plow with the simple control of a straight blade. The winged-sides automatically adjust to provide the most efficient plowing configuration for all tough jobs. Prodigy adds versatility to your fleet without spending time training operators on how to use new equipment, maximizing productivity and profitability high.

Plow Blade Construction

The 29½” tall, 12-gauge powder-coated steel moldboard features a patented mechanical wing design that delivers a plowing path of 8′ 7″ in scoop mode and 9′ 8″ with both plow wings pinned back straight.

The 70-degree attack angle ensures a clean scrape with every pass, and a high carbon steel cutting edge comes standard, reducing wear and extending the life of the blade.


The PRODIGY Multi-Position Wing Snowplow is in stock and available for purchase at West Chester Machinery, Flanders NJ. We also service and sell parts for the PRODIGY snowplow. Call (973) 347-1101 for more information, product specs, and prices.

Back view of the PRODIGY Multi-Position Wing Snowplow Scores Big

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