NIGHTHAWK LED Headlamps – by Western Snowplows

Western Snowplows NIGHTHAWK LED headlamps with exclusive EdgeView Technology.

NIGHTHAWK LED headlamps are designed to light the way brighter and more full than traditional headlights. Designed, engineered, and tested to perform against extreme vibration, water submersion and corrosion, and impact.

2x Performance

The 100% LED performance has up-to 2x the light output of halogens and with advanced lens design with a much brighter, more extensive more full, and projected further ultra-bright light pattern.

Exclusive Edgeview™ Technology

The exclusive Edgeview Technology allows for a total of 180 degrees of visibility, giving drivers a better and safer advantage and while improving productivity.

Intuitive Heating System Reduces Ice Buildup

The intuitive heating system uses sophisticated temperature-sensitive heating elements that activate when needed to reduce ice buildup. Also, the headlamp features a sloped lens design without a bezel, which helps combat ice bridging—a phenomenon common on some LED headlights where defrosted ice builds up along the bezel at the bottom of the lamp, refreezes and begins to form a bridge of ice in front of the headlamp.

Video: All-New NIGHTHAWK LED Headlamps


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All-New NIGHTHAWK LED Headlamps by Western Snowplows

NIGHTHAWK LED headlamps are designed to light the way brighter and more full than traditional headlights.

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