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Western Pro Plus

Pro Plus - Western Snowplow - West Chester MachineryProduct Features:

Built for heavy-duty commercial and light municipal snow plowing, the powder-coated steel PRO PLUS blade is a full 31½” tall and comes in 7½’, 8’, 8½’, and 9’ widths.

The industry-first, optimum-strength POWER BAR provides exceptional torsional strength and rigidity to eliminate the blade twisting that’s often seen in severe use.
The ULTRAFINISH™ baked on powder-coat provides the best protection against wear and rust in the industry. 
  • Eight-wheel shot blaster pre-treatment removes mill scale and abrades surfaces for optimum adhesion
  • Multi-stage pre-wash provides superior surface preparation
  • Epoxy primer is applied to enhance powder adhesion
  • Robotic guns deliver precise, consistent powder coat coverage
  • Final baking process provides a long-lasting hard-as-nails WESTERN red, that’s become synonymous with quality
  • It’s the best powder coat in the industry
The ½” x 6” high carbon steel cutting edge is standard for extra long wear.



  • The fastest easiest attaching system in the business – no tools required!
  • Easy drive-in alignment
  • Simple mechanical connecting hook
  • Rotating pivot bar keeps attaching points level
  • Blade pivots while plowing for a cleaner scrape
  • Chain lift system for higher stacking and safe emergency transport
  • Removable receiver brackets for off-season ground clearance

Reinforced Structure

Eight vertical ribs, the heavy-duty tubular quadrant, and the exclusive WESTERN POWER BAR provide exceptional torsional strength and rigidity, even under the most brutal conditions.

The industry-first, optimum-strength POWER BAR provides exceptional torsional strength and rigidity to eliminate the blade twisting that’s often seen in severe use.

The massive pivot point with one-inch diameter pivot bolt eases stress on the nose plate. 

And the A-frame construction with three-inch square tubing provides strength and endurance.

Pro Plus base channel - Western Snowplow - West Chester MachineryBase Channel

The high-strength steel base channel puts extra support where its needed most and is stronger versus "angle iron," commonly found on competitive models.

Intuitive Controls

Choose between the CabCommand hand-held control option, or the solenoid joystick control for efficient, precise and intuitive blade control while plowing.

Pro Plus Controls - Western Snowplow - West Chester Machinery

CabCommand Control Option

  • Power “on” and “float” LED
  • Backlit for night operation
  • Coil cord for easy mobility
Solenoid Joystick Control Option
  • Compact to fit anywhere
  • On/off indicator light
  • Plug-in connecter for easy removal 

Isolation Module

  • Advanced snowplow light and electrical system features solid electrical pins in the harness plugs for trouble free connections.
  • Under-hood module improves system life and complies with OEM requirements.
  • No toggle switch needed to change from vehicle to plow lights.

Pro Plus Hydraulics - Western Snowplow - West Chester Machinery

Reliable Hydraulics

At WESTERN we manufacture all hydraulics components, to assure the highest quality and reliability standards are met. So you get a hydraulics system that's not only fast and responsive for snowplowing efficiency, but one that's built to last season after season.

Trip Blade with Shocks

Four trip return springs help protect your plow and truck when striking an obstacle.  Two standard shock absorbers help soften the trip blade return to extend the life of your truck and plow.

Nighthawk Headlamps

  • State-of-the-art reflector optics
  • Smooth wide beam pattern
  • Robust two-stud mounting
  • Watertight adhesive-bonded housing
  • Long life halogen bulbs 


  • Optional blade wings attach quickly with a single pin, making your straight blade more efficient by increasing carrying capacity and minimizing snow trail-off while plowing.
  • Adds 6" to each side of the blade, increasing overall blade width by 1'.

Use our Quick Match Service:

Quick Match - The Best Snowplow for Your Needs - West Chester Machinery
QuickMatch is a selection guide that easily identifies correct Western® snowplow options for a vehicle, based on a vehicle's unique specification - Click here to start.

QuickMatch Basics describes the screen components so that you understand how to move from one screen to the next and how to make selections.

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