Fluid Film - The best rust preventive ever made!

Long lasting, all natural, and really prevents rust!

One application can last months.  A must have for any one who owns a vehicle or equipment, or anything else metal.

Fluid Film can be applied to metal surfaces to protect them from the elements.  It is all natural and will not harm paint or electric components

It will protect them as well.

Fluid film - the best rust preventive ever made - West Chester Machinery

West Chester Machinery offers Fluid Film in 3 sizes.
West Chester Machinery offers Fluid Film in 3 sizes.  

12oz. aerosol can
1 gallon can
5 gallon bucket

The one and five gallon bulk products can be applied with an undercoating spray gun (we stock an economy gun) and a good air compressor.

Applications in the Winter Equipment Industry


Fluid Film - stops chains from rusting on snow equipmentFLUID FILM penetrates to the inside of the chain, preventing wear and providing extended lubrication. Displacing any trapped water, it leaves a barrier of protection with sufficient body to resist fly off and water wash off. In dusty environments, FLUID FILM resists dirt buildup due to its slick, non-tacky consistency. FLUID FILM holds up under a wide degree of temperatures, resists high moisture and, because it won't freeze, prevents chain jam ups due to water frozen in chain links. FLUID FILM was documented as having extended locomotive drive chains in salt harvesting machinery by up to 300%.

View Fluid Flow Anti-Rust Perfomance Chart
Fluid Film - Performance Chart (click to open PDF or download)

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