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West Chester is an authorized dealer for various brands of water related parts. We have an expansive selection of parts to build a new water systemor repair your existing truck. 

Our regular stock includes pumps, valves, grooved and weld style fittings, cam and groove quick connectors, as well as parts to repair pumps and valves. The range of these parts covers many different brands some of which are listed below.
  • Klein of California
  • Berkeley brand water pumps
  • Gruvlok grooved pipe fittings
Because we are in the used market our experience is not limited to these brands.  We can repair United, Mega, Ledwell, and other types of water systems as well.  Please feel to contact us if have any questions about your water system regardless of the brand, the staff at West Chester will always do their best to help you and lead you in the right direction.  If we do not have the specific part for your water system we most likely have a better part that will work. 

Berkeley pump – The most reliable pump in the industry.
Berkeley pump – The most reliable pump in the industry.  It is long lasting and low maintenance.  We stock pumps and maintenance parts for these pumps.
Berkeley B3ZRM vic breakdown B3ZRM-  The most common Berkeley pump used in the water truck  industry.   We stock this pump in clockwise and counter clockwise directions.  We also have parts to rebuild your existing pump.  The parts list is to the left and they are commonly in stock as well.   Click on the image to the left open it.
Gruvlock fittings- commonly found on modern water trucks.
Gruvlock - More importantly they allow for slight flexing of the water system as the water truck travels through a job sites terrain

G Gruvlock fittings commonly found on modern water trucks.  These clamp and groove fittings allow for quicker assembly or even disassembly if the need arises to exchange parts.  More importantly they allow for slight flexing of the water system as the water truck travels through tough job site terrain.  This helps to maintain the integrity of the system over time.

Air operated water valves -  These valves offer the versatility of in cab operation as well as allowing the operator to change the type of nozzle for the specific task at hand.


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